Credo Association

Credo Association

In 1948 several Christians decided to organise camps for children and teenagers in order to bring them closer to Jesus and to encourage them in their faith. They founded the association Credo (Credo means "I believe" in Latin). At the beginning, the camps took place in rented accommodation at various locations in Switzerland. In 1961 the association was able to purchase the Unspunnen Castle for this work. The Credo Association has been supported since it’s beginning by the donations given and the voluntary work done by its many friends.


What is the Credo?

As demonstrated by our slogan, ‘encounter and experience’, it is just as important to us today as in the past, that we enable children and teenagers to encounter God and to show them that Jesus can still be experienced today.


Besides the kids and teens camps, Credo is used as a guesthouse and group house. We are always happy to receive your inquiries! We also offer retreats and camps with different themes for all ages. We would be happy to send you the detailed descriptions of these.

Becoming a member of Credo

The association currently has about 300 members. We are always happy to welcome new members who are enthusiastic about Credo and want to support our work. This way, we are many to shoulder the workload. There are many possibilities of offering your support.


The annual membership fee of 200.- CHF for individuals and 300.- CHF for married couples is a financial help for the kids and the teenager camps, so that the Good News of Jesus Christ can be heard by as many children as possible! You will receive an annual invoice and payment slip.


Each member receives, as a token of appreciation, a yearly voucher for an overnight stay with breakfast at Credo. In March all members are invited to the general meeting.


We always welcome you to visit us or are happy if you wish to help us in the house in a practical way. There is always something to do at Credo.


Above all, what is most important to us is your prayer support. We will gladly send you our monthly prayer letter on request.


Contact us if you would like to become a member.


These are the costs of a Credo membership

Single person: CHF 200.-

Married couples: CHF 300.-

Non-earning members: CHF 50.-

16-19 year olds: CHF 10.-

Tax exemption

The association Credo Schloss Unspunnen, Wilderswil is exempt from direct cantonal and communal taxes, direct federal tax as well as inheritance and gift tax for all children and youth camps (see decree).

Donations from natural persons can be deducted up to 10% of the pure annual income. In the case of legal entities, up to 10% of business-related expenses (Art. 90 Bst. c StG, Art. 59 Bst. c DBG) can also be deducted.


All children and youth camps are therefore charitable and not profit-oriented. Credo Schloss Unspunnen is a non-profit organisation in the above-mentioned areas.

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