The castle's architecture conceals a well-developed infrastructure. You and your group will find the technical and organisational requirement you need for a comfortable and successful stay.

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  • 45 rooms with 150 beds
  • Modest rooms with 2 to 6 beds
  • 28 rooms with WC and shower
  • 17 rooms with washbasin (WC and shower on the floor)
  • 28 rooms with balcony (view of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau)
  • Cots available on request
  • There is an elevator in the building that provides barrier-free access to all floors.
  • There is a spacious, wheelchair-accessible bathroom with shower on the third floor.
  • The threshold heights to the rooms are between 2cm and 4cm and therefore unfortunately represent a minor barrier. The Credo is only equipped for active wheelchair users.


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Common and seminar rooms

A spacious and sunny meeting room and a room capacity of 130 seats. The room is 11.5m long, 11.5m large and 4m high

3 smaller seminar rooms (length 6.5m, width 3.8m, height 2.5m), that can be joined together to form one large room

Unspunnen lounge room for approx. 15 people

a reading room (library)

A spacious lounge with a self-service cafeteria

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Recreation facilities

Football field

Multifunctional sports field


Bouncy castle

Table football

Table tennis

Rotogolf course

Indoor and outdoor games

Small sauna

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Dining room

  • Large dining room (if the weather is good the terrace can also be used)

  • Self-service buffet

  • High chairs available for small children

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Technical equipment

  • Permanently installed beamers in the group rooms

  • Sound system in the plenary hall

  • 1 headset, 1 wireless microphone, 4 microphones with cable

  • 2 monitors

  • Flip charts

  • WLAN in the whole building



2 classical pianos

1 e-piano

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